Alone: Zombiewoods2 votes. 5 / 5

Alone: Zombiewoods

Alone: Zombiewoods

Are you the survivor?

Blast through the random-generated Zombiewoods by discover your survival strategy!
Live yourself by gathering resources that nature provide you! What is your main priority?
Important food supplies? Camp defense? or survival tools crafting?
Every strategy used will perform a different result, every decision will scare you!
Use your own method to exit the Zombiewoods!

Fight the unique zombies from lush dark forest, open hill, or on the bamboo woods.
Improve your survival capabilities with crafting more advanced gear, calculate your supplies, or strengthen your camp defenses.
Explore how the nature work make you an expert survivalist! chop, mine, harvest and many things!

Discover the mystery of Riot city spin-off story!

Complete the achievement collector book to grant you survival expert satisfaction!

Survive through the scary Zombiewoods by Goody Gameworks.

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